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You Earned It

You Earned It!

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You Earned It! is an iPhone App which shows you how much you are earning, while you are earning it.

See how much you earned right up til now on a big counter.

Celebrate milestones with sounds or vibration.

Set your own milestones.


You Earned It!

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  1. Unlimited number of income sources.

  2. 24/7 or custom schedule per income.

  3. Custom milestones.

  4. Vibrating milestones (supported devices only).

  5. Custom currency support.

  6. Supports up to 99,999,999.

  7. Over 30 sounds.

  8. Meeting Mode

  9. 24/7 Mode

  10. 10 backgrounds.



  1. -Version 1.1.0 features:

    - Meeting Mode

    - 24/7 Mode

    - Mute button

    - Helpscreens

    - five extra backgrounds

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How to use

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Use You Earned It! to make your life a little more fun. Is your boss making your life hard? Do you have a pressing deadline? Do you have a boring meeting ahead? You Earned It! will remind you of the reason that will always be there: earning your income. For every milestone it will play a sound (or vibrate). Chances are a smile will appear on your face.

Or imagine this scenario: You are on holiday, enjoying the sun. Even during your holiday, you earn money, and You Earned It! will happilly remind you of that!

You Earned It!

Celebrate your income!

Celebrate your income!

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